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Saturday, December 31, 2005

How To Waste Time Online...

OK, I have a zillion things to do today, prepare for two Kids Church services, a combined Sunday School, and pack and prepare to leave after church for a week at the Children's Pastor's Conference in California. (posts on that will be made live at CPC!)

So much to do, and not enough time to do it all... so what do I do? Get sucked into a stupid website from a link from a link from my sister's blog..... www.myheritage.com claims to have state of the art face recognition software that will tell you who you look like. You just upload a picture and wa-la! Here is what famous person you look like. If you don't like the results, you just click to see the next one. OK, so I wasted five minutes checking it out.... here are my results:
Ok, this was the first one. Don't know who this guy is, but hey, not too bad I suppose. Winsome smile... maybe I should grow a little beard? At least it wasn't Shrek the website picked as my look-a-like, but I decided to try another.... after all... it only takes a click...

This was a much better result.... my wife will be happy to know I am a dead ringer for Hugh Grant. Though I do need to grow my hair out a bit to get that floppy tossled look. So far so good.... another click...

Carl Sagan? Please. A little old... a little dead... maybe it was going on the name?? But it is spelled wrong. I didn't like the direction this was going, but I decided to try just ONE MORE CLICK:

FINALLY! A DEAD ON PERFECT LOOK ALIKE! Right after CPC I will start my modeling career! But I definately have the look!!

Go on.... it ok.... you know you want to try it..... http://www.myheritage.com

Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Christmas ADVENTure!

If like Christmas music, you will enjoy Steve Tanner's 25 Days of Christmas music! Now in it's 5th year, this DAILY FREE MUSIC feature of Kidology's Director of Web Operations personal website, is a fun and educational way to get some new and sometimes unusual Christmas Music!

We thought we had a decent Christmas music collection with nearly 250 songs, but have learned that Steve Tanner can boast over 2000 songs and 6 non-stop days of Christmas music!

If you didn't get a chance to go downtown and see the State Street Windows, Steve has also finished his third annual STATE STREET SHOWDOWN where he photographs - evaluates - and chooses a winner each year. His reviews have actual drawn the attention of the window creators... who an unrealiable source tells me they reportedly offer bribes now to get Steve to pick their window as the best! ENJOY THE MUSIC!

Monday, December 19, 2005

MLB = Major League Brother!

Last week www.bluejays.com had my brother on the home page as Headline #3....

Well, today, he is HEADLINE #1! It was his FIRST POST as the official Blue Jays beat writer for MLB.com Of course, this big brother is proud, and so glad I taught him sooooo much about baseball!

Best part is, y'all can send him e-mail questions about the Blue Jays! Like:
  • Why do Canadian teams get to play as part of the American league when they AREN'T AMERICANS!!
  • Are Blue Jays allowed to Jay Walk in Toronto?
  • Do they feel Blue when they lose?
  • Do they bring home Canadian bacon to their wives?
  • Who's on first? What's on second? (I don't know on third)
and other deep and profound questions about his team.

(this is just an image, if you are trying to type up there! you need to go to his article)

Anyway, I'm proud of my litl' bro - like me - he reached ten year career goals right out of college... pretty fun! That only means that there are even greater things ahead... but for now he is excited to get PAID to watch and write about baseball (and eat, sleep, and dream about it too) Someday, I hope he gets to be the Chicago Cubs beat writer... not only would that be cool, but at least they actually ARE Americans! (in the National League, granted.)

SEND MY BRO SOME CONGRATS AT: bluejaysmailbag@gmail.com

Thursday, December 15, 2005


KING KONG turned out to be the KING of DISAPPOINTMENTS for me. I was REALLY looking forward to this movie, but it seems Narnia will be the King this season. While there were some pretty intense scenes, overall I was very disappointed, and I don't think it is worth your seven bucks:

1) TOO LONG - they wasted waaaaaaaaay too much time developing characters that weren't central and that would just be eaten or otherwise killed. I guess they tried to make you care, or tried to build attachment, but it fell short. They would have been better off starting when they got to the island, everything before it is irrelevant and trite.

2) TOO LAME - ok, I like a strong woman who can hold her own, and she definately keeps her wits about her and is able to save her life that way... but fallling in love with the big ape? Paleeeeze. The loving looks were just too much. (Bleh!) She should have been glad when she was out of there, not wanting to go back. What did she want to do? Grow old with him and raise a family? She seemed to care more about Kong than the humans around her, even the guy who loved her and she had at least kissed (if not loved him.)

3) WAY TOO GROSS - PLEASE, PLEASE, PELASE do NOT take kids to this movie. The scene with the natives was very disturbing and disgusting. Carl almost getting his head crushed brutally like the guy before him was too much. It is very terrifying as they are being attacked. And then the deaths inside the wall. Just gross. It was like the 80's again - how many gross ways can we kill a human?? The 'bug pit' was just disgusting.

4) TOO CGI - the special effects were admirable, but far from flawless. The fast CGI scenes looked WORSE THAN JURASIC PARK! And it was way too fake how many actually survived the stampede at the beginning. They should have all just died there and I could have gone home and gotten an extra hour of sleep.

What did i like? Hmmmmmm. Scenes of New York in the 30's was fun. The Time's Square marquis advertising a car "FOR AS LOW AS $445." The Kong vs. the T-Rex's was my favorite - too long and way over the top - but pretty good. Just so unbelieveable, and there is no way the girl would have survived without going to a chiropractor for life, and perhaps a therapist!

THE WORST: The 'romantic' scene with Kong and girl ice skating. That was so dumb.

Maybe I need to go see Narnia for the fourth time. King Long didn't capture that 'other world' as well as it could have. I'm disappointed, I REALLY WANTED to like this movie!

IN THE END THE TRAILER WAS BETTER THAN THE MOVIE: it had suspese, it had plot, it had tention, it had rapid action, and it didn't have a girl giving lovey dovey looks to a huge ape. The movie killed all that by being too long, too lame, and too gross.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

How to Drive a Convertible in the Rain...

There is nothing better than a nice Sunday afternoon drive in a convertible...

in the rain. (My sister snapped these pictures from her car)

The best part was the looks from the other drivers, from bursting out laughing, to ignoring (not wanting to encourage me), to scowls. Now it wasn't pouring, but it was sprinkling. Cool thing was, when the car was moving NO water got in the car due to aerodynamics of the wind flow over the car. At the one red light on the way to lunch, I shot up the umbrella. No, I don't do this often, I put the top down at church as a joke, and then noticed that no rain got in the car while it was moving. So I left it down and headed to lunch with some church families.

Pay no attention to the arrow on the ground. It is only a suggestion.

Tuesday Evening Awana was SPY NITE!

I showed my spy gadget collection, told my stories of espionage over the course of my life (can't post those on my blog, some of you don't have clearance), and then gave the kids all a gadget for sharing the Gospel with their friends and trained them to us it.

The Junior Agents had a great time!