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Monday, October 31, 2005

Karl's Novel FINALLY On Sale!

Well, it's the moment you've all been waiting for... I hope! My novel is now at the printer and will be in print by the end of November! (hopoefully sooner) We have opened up advance sales so that those eager to get their hands on it, can!

For complete details visit the SPECIAL OFFER on Kidology.org, or check out the OrderoftheAncient website! This is a GREAT DEAL - free shipping and a great low price for ten copies, PLUS a FREE signed copy, for a total of 11 copies at one low low price. This will greatly help us offset the initial printing cost, so we will appreciate and celebrate every order!

Post your feedback on the book and/or website as well, and it may get included in some marketing materials. (Your chance to be famous!) Looking forward to hearing from y'all.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Yes, I DID go out and buy me a WHITE SOX SHIRT yesterday! Couldn't watch the final game with nothing White Sox on!!!

It was a very intense game! A battle of the pitchers. My favorite WS stat was this, WAIT! I will make it a quiz, and see who is the first to post the answer in the COMMENTS! You MIGHT even win a prize!!

Q: What White Sox Player became the FIRST baseball player IN HISTORY to win TWO World Series Games on the same day AND on his birthday??? (same day because Game Three went into the 14th inning and into the morning hours)

Finally, THEY WON! This is me with the family I watched the game with. (Not pictured is Sara, who isn't a baseball nut like the rest of us.)

Did I convert to being a White Sox Fan and desert my Cubbies? Nope. I decided to have an AL favorite team and an NL favorite team. Now all I have to figure out is which team is in which league. (See what a serious baseball fan I am?)

All I'm wondering is, when the Astros lost, did they all go in the clubhouse and pour Minute Maid over their heads?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Do you pour?

BASEBALL ALERT: Many babeball players have been caught using a performance enhancing substance...

You have GOT to watch these GOT MILK videos! I guess baseball is kinda mad about them, but they are VERY funny!!

If you can find where to be able to download them, let me know,
on this site you can only stream them, but they play very well.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Cubs Fan, or Sox Fan? THAT is the Question?

I am seriously contemplating changing from a CUBS fan, to a SOX fan. Yeah, yeah, I know... fair weather fan! BUT, I'm not saying i will change just for the World Series... if i switch, i SWITCH! (like with my Mac Switch)

I've been asking myself, WHY am i a Cubs fan???

Well, good question. Mostly because my grandfather was and took me to games as a little kid, BUT he usually took me when they played California teams (since i was visiting from CA when we went) and I cheered for the opposing team much to his frustration. Secondly, because, my little brother Jordan Bastian is a HUGE Cubs fan, and I like to support my brother.

But last weekend at my Grandma's 90's birthday party, there was my brother wearing a SOX cap!!!

(these shirts were father's day and bro birthday gifts from Sara and me)

So, I asked myself, if it wasn't for my Grandpa and my traitor brother, WHY would I be a Cubs fan??? If I were to pick a team on my own, not being a huge baseball fan, I'd probably pick the Sox.


Because they wear black and white, which is very cool, and my favorite color combination to wear. Oh, yeah, and the little fact that they WIN GAMES!

I still do not own on article of White Sox clothing, unless you count my white socks, but if i buy a hat or shirt, it will be a significant thing. Normally, I don't let a passing fad impact my shopping.

  • If you are a Cubs fan.... why should I stay loyal to the Cubs when my grandfather is gone (may he rest in peace) and my own brother betrays his team?
  • If you are a Sox fan... tell me why I should switch? Because if i switch, I will switch for the good and the bad, not just during the World Series. These games have been AMAZING to watch, and I've been very impressed. Lure me over, I'm close!
  • Use the comments below to sound in! (Cubs fans may feel free to use the anonymous feature)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Seein' Double?

Tonight was "TWINS NIGHT" at our Awana Club. Many of you may not know that I have a twin brother, Kurt, but since it was 'twins night' I invited him to come to Awana. We wore matching shirts to add to the fun. The only problem was, that throughout the night, we never got to meet. I kept looking for him, visiting all the rooms over and over, and reportedly, Kurt did the same. The kids could tell us apart because, of course, I was drinkin' Dew whereas Kurt had a McDonald's Coke, and Kurt wears glasses. (Claimed he is the smarter of the pair.)

Because we never were in the same room at the same time, the clubbers started to accuse me of pretending to have a twin brother! (can you believe that!?) So at the end of the night, when I finally found him, we posed for a picture with our Commander's daughter to prove we both were there!

Here is me, Natalie, and Kurt on Twins Night at Awana. He may be smarter, but he definitely isn't the good lookin' one.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Knight Night at Awana

Last Tuesday was Royalty Knight, er, Night, at our Awana club! I had fun dressing as Sir. Drinkdewalot. (second counsin to Sir Lancelot, who I explained was a wimp)

I told my story "The Day the King Unlocked the Gate" to each club (to be posted with book and powerpoint later on Kidology - too busy today) - and then Knighted the clubbers as Jr. Knights to go into all the world telling others about the King of Kings, King Jesus.

I thought I might take home a new maiden as a wife, so I proposed...

but when she refused....

I showed how knights got wives in teh olden' days. :) Pick one and take her home! :) (Fear not, the fair maiden escaped!) It was a fun evening, or should I say, it was a Royal Blast!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

HAY! that was fun!

As discussed on Kidology this summer, this fall I have started a ministry experiment in 'partnering with parents' - by forming an 'opt-in' ministry at church called VIP, which stands for Very Intentional Parenting - based on the concept that for genuine 'partnering' with parents, the children's pastor and parents much first come an agreement on what 'partnering' looks likes and means, and then start doing it. Without going into all that here (you can read the link above), I wanted to post some pictures and info about our first VIP Ministry event this past Sunday - we got rained out the week before, but had a fantastic time! Much of this is a 'reprint' of what I posted on the 'top secret' VIP Blog available only to my VIP Families - it is where we post VIP ministry info and parenting tips, and other info just for these partnering families.

Our first VIP Family Event was a HUGE success! Maybe one week late due to rain, but this past Sunday was perfect weather and we had a wonderful time! We had 59 people at this event!

Everyone had a great time playing, visiting, eating, hay-riding, singing, laughing, and enjoying fellowship with other families. I was very encouraged by the turn out, especially since it was a rain date. This event was a 'record breaker, as this was one of the most successful family event I've ever done!! Ironic, that while there are only 17 VIP Families (so far), we had 76.62337662377% of the families there. That is both the highest percentage and highest attendance I've had for a family event! One of the reasons for starting the 'VIP Ministry' was to help families realize the importance of their presence - when I've attempted events for the 'whole church' I've had less than 20 show up!

But numbers aside (it wasn't about the numbers), we had a wondeful time, and it was so nice to enjoy some purposeful 'hang time' with other familes.

It was fun to play together and worship to together and to enjoy some time refocusing on the things that matter most. After we sang, but 'talk' was on how to get S'more of God, using s'mores as an object lesson on the ingredients for a life lived close to God.

Much thanks to my wonderful wife Sara for her awesome photography!

Friday, October 07, 2005

PastorKarl.com NEW header!

If you only read my posts via e-mail, you have GOT to visit PastorKarl.com and check out the new header! I also wanted to let you know it was there, because you might need to refresh or clear your cache to get it to appear... but it is way cool! I LOVED what our Kidology graphic designer did for my sabbatical, (Corey at Birkey.com), so I had him keep the 'Karl in the PK Cruiser with Darth's cape flowing' but had him add some of the places I am usually driving to and from. It looks really awesome! I think people will get a kick out of it! Let me know what you think in Comments! What would you have yourself drivin' by??

I should get some advertising money from these places!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

A Day Away in Paradise...

Yes, it was a beautiful day in Paradise.... on Anna Maria Island, Florida. (see our exact spot) I was doing a Kidology To Go seminar last Saturday at Palma Sola Baptist Church, but since my awesome senior pastor encourages his staff to take a 'day away' monthly for prayer/planning/refreshing, I decided to use my weekly day off for travel, and take my 'day away' on Friday in Florida. I also surprised Sara by taking her along and our host found us a delightful place to stay right by the beach. The cost was VERY affordable, and was a really nice condo-style villa. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you give this Christian couple your business if you want a beautiful get away in Florida! Their website is islandgardenvillas.com Beautiful villas and a hot tub with 62 jets!! Wowie!

As usual, I love the outdoors, and love my casual hobby of photography. Here are a few of my attempts to capture the beauty of God's Creation in Florida. By popular demand, here are two wallpapers so you can feel like you were there! (Choose from BLUEPALMS or REDPALMS)

The trip started out lookin' good when my airplane boarding pass informed me that I would have seat 1A!! Yippeee! Finally, after all these years of flying all over the world, I would FINALLY get to sit in one of those first class big comfy seats!! 1A? It doesn't get any better than that....

....unless you are on a small plane where all the seats are the same and the first row has a wall six inches in front of your face. Yup, you guessed it. I'm now close friends with a wall.

But it was worth it! Soon we were on the beach enjoying the beautiful white sand! Here is Sara talking on the cell phone with her mom while we enjoyed the blue skies of the Gulf. Apparently, the hurricanes scared everyone away from Florida who don't realize just how BIG this state is and how far away we were from the infamous hurricanes. It was so beautiful you'd think it would have been crowded, but we hardly saw a soul anywhere on the seven mile long island.

I used one of the bikes from the Villa and toured the island. It was VERY hot (and I'm a wimp when it comes to hot weather) so soon I had to get into the water.

The water was BEAUTIFUL and CLEAR! I hadn't planned on swimming and once my feet were wet, I didn't want to go all the way back to the Villa for my suit, so.... well, lets just say it was a good thing we had the beach to ourselves. I looked kinda silly swimmin' in my shorts. :)

AH, and to think I could be back at the office answering the phone, checking e-mail, and shuffling papers around my desk wondering where to put them, how to deal with them, and which could I throw out (or burn). If I have learned anything in life, I've learned that sometimes you just have to take time to relax, even if you don't have any time to relax.

I loved the signs of God's touch in the small details. I enjoy trying to see the things that most people walk right past. Like this sole flower on a vine that stretched out toward the water. For staff devotions this week I showed a video (download here: Beachvines* QT 6MB) of the vines and some giant man-made pipes. I read Psalm 1, Jeremiah 17:5-10 and John 15: 1-5 and talked about how we need to be like this plant, seeking the water, putting ourselves in a place where we will be ready for God when he chooses to pour Himself on us, and to realize, we often grow most in the storms of life. (the only times this plant gets water is in rain or floods) I also compared the rusty remains of human effort (the pipes in video) to the living and thriving God made vines. Anyway, you might enjoy the video. (or get the Beachflower Wallpaper)
*Mac Momment: This video was produced in iPhoto, no video editing needed)

Just a yucky sample of what was swimming with us in the water. Fortunately, Sara never saw this, or she would have stayed out of the water.

Here is the underside. I also saw some dead eels, but they were too gross to actually post here. Children do read my blog. :)

BUSTED! Yup, Sara caught me checking my e-mail on my palm on the shuttle. In the background is the City Pier Restaurant out on Tampa Bay (opposite the Gulf) where we had lunch. There was a sign explaining that this pier was built in 1908 and since then has not only survived many hurricanes and countless storms, but has been "a source of hope for fishermen and dreams for lovers." Whatever. I figured that meant they couldn't think of anything to say about the pier.
This is Shelly, the host of the Kidology To Go conference. As you can see from her shirt, she is a big fan of Kidology, and my favorite stalker. She has appeared on this blog before! (See: The Kidologist Being Stalked?)

Shelly has amazing energy and enthusiasm, and bubbles over with creativity and love for kids. But best of all, I like her 'CAN DO' spirit! Here she is in her too cool office! The sign on the wall is what she is heard saying all the time, even in the midst of ministry madness, "It's All Good!"

BUSTED AGAIN! I discovered a 'hotspot' and was able to finish editing the final chapters of my book while on my day away. It was pretty nice to relax under the palms and be online!

but I did find time to relax, even when the signs forbid it!

At the airport on the way home, I got to test Krystal Burgers. (the southern version of White Castles) They were pretty good, and didn't have the 'effect' that White Castles are infamous for!

Finally, we were headed for home. This is our final view of Paradise out the airplane window as we flew back to Chicago in time to scramble for Sunday morning! It was a wonderful day away, and we definitely want to go back!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Dew from Heaven!

Due to a bunch of technical jargon I won't bore you with (too late) I was unable to 'blog' for over a week! ahhhhhh! I know you've been checking every day. Wasn't it St. Augustine who said that everyone is born with a Karl's Blog Shaped Void? Anyway, here are a few of the things I wanted to post... the rest I'll skip now and you can just wonder the rest of your life!

This photo above is going in my collection right next to my photo of Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster. I caught a picture of my youth pastor sitting at my office Mac. (notice the beautiful 21 inch screen with a Mac mini!) I actually left my office for an appointment and trusted him to stay and play on it. Since the only way a Mac can get a virus is for someone to be sitting at it and manually install it, this was a great demonstration of trust. Despite how stable Macs are, he did manage to get some error messages to appear, which he gleefully documented with screen shots, including the following:

Message my PC loving youth pastor supposedly saw on my Mac's screen. The abuse and suffering I must endure for converting to Mac is only surpassed by my suffering for Jesus.

My birthday was complete when a family in my small group gave me a Mountain Dew shirt and hat! Now I can proudly witness everywhere I go. After all, the Bible does speak often of Dew:

Genesis 27:28
"May God give you of heaven's dew"

Deuteronomy 33:13
"May the LORD bless his land with the precious dew from heaven"

Psalm 110:3
"you will receive the dew of your youth."

Song of Solomon 5:2
[ Beloved ] "My head is drenched with dew"

Micah 5:7
"many peoples like dew"

In fact, Dew is what gives me many of my greatest ideas... no dew = nothin' new! If you have never read my Ode to Dew, check it out here. (or maybe I will post it below)

This picture captured the safe and open environment of our small group, where everyone can feel free to share and be vulnerable without fear of judgment or comdemnation. Just makes you want to come and share, doesn't it?

OK, due to popular demand (assuming that is) here is my famous "Ode to Dew"

An Ode to Dew

Do I have my Dew?
I do!
Do I do my Dew?
I do!

I do my Dew,
And Dew my do,
I cannot do
Without my Dew.

For when I Dew
I better do,
So when I must do
I do Dew too!

Without my Dew,
I cannot do,
I cannot do,
Without my Dew.

So I Dew
It's true, It's true!
It's true that I will
Do my Dew!

To my Dew,
I am true,
To my Dew,
And not a few!

Do I do a Dew?
Do I do two Dews?
Two Dews I do!
Two Dews I do!
I do two Dews
Yes, it's true!

When I do a Dew or two,
Then I do another Dew,
Another Dew I do it's true,
The Dews I do are not a few!

If do a Dew that's not so new
Then do Dews on Dews on Dews,
To undo Dew that wasn't new,
For do not do Dews that are not new!

A true Dew? Not new? Not true!
Dew not new? Do NOT Do!
Do not do a Dew not new!

Well, I did my Dew,
My Dew I did,
My Dew is empty,
My Dew is rid.

I did rid my Dew I did.
Can't do Dew if Dew is did!
If Dew is did, no more to drink,
Then no more poem I can think.

If no more think from no more drink,
Then no more Dew to run my head,
I did the Dew, now do the bed.

The Dewologist