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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

1469 Days Later....

YES! It is one thousand four hundred and sixty-nine days since I got the idea for my novel!

Here I am - driving to meet our printer with the
first shipment of the books!

We met in an undisclosed parking lot. I pulled up next to him, looked both ways, and whispered, "You got the stuff?" He said, "It's all in my truck." He assured me it was good stuff. After examining a sample, I agreed.

After one more glance around, we began the transfer.
No one seemed to notice even though we were on a busy street.

How to fit them all in a PK Cruiser? Hmmmm...
The rest had to go in the building. But now I can have a mobile bookstore and can open shop in parking lots everywhere!

Here is the happy author excited to hold the

WARNING: Shameless Promotion Ahead!

The PRE-ORDER SALE ends midnight Friday, so this will be your last chance to get 11 copies for only $9 each, plus a signed copy. AND FREE SHIPING! There will never be a sale like this, this is to help with the initial printing cost. (every order is greatly appreciated and celebrated!) ORDER TODAY before it is too late. Some churches and bookstores are ordering at this discount rate and selling them for $10 or $12. (Not a bad fund raising idea!)

ALSO: INDIVIDUAL ORDERS are also being accepted now and will ship next week!


Monday, November 21, 2005

A Mad Scientist Party! (it runs in the family....)s

No, not being mad, but being creative. My neice, Tricia, just turned 8 and her birthday party (as usual) was one of the most creative I've been to. (see last year's Western theme pics) My sister, Melissa (above), goes 'all out' and creates the most fun birthday parties for her kids. This year was no exception as Tricia chose a Mad Scientist theme. The best compliment I heard was when one dad at the event said, "This party is like the ones you see in movies and you think, 'no one has parties like that', but I'm at one!"

Of course, I came and got into the spirit of things as the Wacky Professor Wipplestowski.

I was in charge of the Sandy Candy lab. I actually didn't get to see everything due to workin' my lab, but the kids rotated through several labs doing really cool and fun experiments.

Wonder what these kids are cookin' up?

Looks kinda GOOOEY to me!

You gonna actually EAT that!?!?!?!

Future food scientist in the making.
(that's what his dad does for a living!)

(The Birthday Girl)
I wouldn't drink that if I was you!

CAREFUL THERE BOY! You might blow up the house!

Watching a volcano ERUPT!!

Professor Parker having a profound thought!
(Birthday Brother)

Pictures by my lovely wife, Sara, who is going to kill me when she sees this picture, and probably make me delete it from the blog... so if you are seeing this - count yourself lucky!

A few membes of the Mad Bunch!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

A "Remnant Club" Down Under??

I just have to share a really really COOL e-mail from a ten year boy 'down under' who wrote to me this week about my novel, the Order of the Ancient. He was given the PDF version from Kidology.org (PDF version no longer available) by his children's pastor and read it.

He writes:

Subject: Hi Man! Your Book Rocks!

Hi! My Pastor Printed Me A Copy Of ''Order of the Ancient'', And I Am STILL Reading It! It Is By Far On My Top 10 List Of Books.(Published Or Not!) Hey! I Was Thinking, My Name Is Jordan, Yes I Am A Christian, And I Am 10 Yrs Old, And Thought, Maybe We Could Start ''Remnant.org'', And To Sign Up They Need To Tell Us The Very Important Parts Of Their Lives, So We Can Tell Them Their Name E.g. Josiah, Jeremiah, Shaphan , Rahab etc. It Would Be Real Nice To Know You, Your Obviously A Very Strong Christian,....(info on how to chat online and his MSN name).... You Probably Don't Have Time Now For Someone You Don't Know, But It Would Be Great To Get To Know You.


Here is the Icthus he sent me to complete:

I replied with this:
I wrote back and promised I'd send him a free signed copy of the book once it was in print. Next I get an e-mail from the children's pastor who gave him the book.... (Pastor Glenda from Highway Christian Church in Ormeau Queensland Australi) I guess Jordan called her as soon as he got my e-mail. Jordan has since written and told me that he started a "Remnant Club" at his school! How cool is that??

This is so encouraging because the book isn't even in print yet, and yet it is making an impact in the lives of kids, and literally all over the world. The #1 purpose of the book was to show kids that being a Christian is as exciting as any Great Story, and has REAL potential for drama, danger, and adventure!! I am hoping that this book will get kids all over the world excited about being a Follower of the Redeemer, and that they would be challenged to Seek the Sovereign!


Order NOW before it is too late! For more info see: www.orderoftheancient.com

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What?!?! SNOW??!!??!!

I am out this morning and what do I see on my beloved PK Cruiser?!?!


Oh no! I guess winter is officially here. So, tell me, is this a good thing or not? Personally, I prefer cold weather - at least you can bundle up. When it is hot all you can do is be miserable!

Time to find the snow sleds!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I Kid U Not, we had a GREAT TIME!

Last weekend was the Kidology University in Appleton, Wisconsin, and it was a HUGE success! Here are just some highlight pictures.... it is in no way complete, and please no one get your feelings hurt if there is no picture of you. :) I just want to get some up due to the flood of emails pouring in demanding pictures!! This should satisfy both of the them.

This was our second year doing Kid U Wisconsin. The staff at the Appleton Alliance Church are amazing and were the secret to our success! (along with the beautiful and sweet Kid U Conference Coordinator, Sara!)

The secret to staying awake and alert after three hour drive, late night pizza party (the pizza guy got in a car accident and kept us up for an hour and a half waiting, and arrived just as we were about to finally cancel the order... at least it was free!), Creativity Blitz on Friday Night, and alllllll day Saturday, then looooooong drive home and gettin' ready for church on Sunday morning! Whew! What a weekend! (but I'd do it all over again!)

Friday evening Preconference Creativity Blitz was a ROCKIN' GOOD TIME! The Appleton J.A.M. team was a hoot and every presenter got the crowd movin' and laughin' and playin' and learnin' how to be creative!

Kal Gilchrist showing the enthusiasm she is known for, and Susana Nambo! We added the Preconference Creativity Blitz this year at all three Kid U's and it has been an awesome addition to the event. If you are coming to Kid U Chicago, don't miss this Friday evening event, it ROCKS!

The Bill Allison came up and concluded the night with a combination of humor and honesty that left everybody encouraged and charged up for the day ahead!

The magic of David and Teesha Laflin is always a highlight!

Gus and I explaining some of the finer points of children's ministry....

GOD ROCKS in concert was awesome!
But what to God Rocks do when they aren't on stage?

Play with Lego...

Zone out...

Read.... but ON STAGE...
God Rocks ROCKS!

All of this awesome photography is by Steve Tanner, our Director of Web Operations. I was having so much fun (and working so hard) I got home and realized I didn't take ONE picture the entire weekend! Shock and Awe! Thanks Steve for savin' the blog!


Monday, November 07, 2005

The Proof is in the.... PROOF!

Guess what arrived by messenger today?!?!?!? The PROOF for my novel, the Order of the Ancient! This was my last chance to review it before the presses start running!
Steve Clindaniel, one of Kidology's board members, was in the office, and snapped these pics of the happy author...

While a few super duper minor changes will be made, overall, it was perfect, and the PRESSES CAN NOW RUN! Which also means that the ADVANCE ORDER OFFER will soon be over! That's right, if you missed it before, there is an advance order special running right now that will be discontinued AS SOON THE BOOKS ARRIVE!

It was an AWESOME feeling to hold this final proof in my hands after YEARS of working on this! It was in ten bound sections with a color cover proof... soon it will all be bound and available for kids everywhere! :) The arkwork by Todd Hampson is amazing, and really brings the book to life! It could be ready in about TWO WEEKS, so order your advance copies today! Every order is a huge help toward our initial printing costs and is greatly appreciated.

Here are some quotes about the book already:

Perhaps the most damaging thing about the way adults present Christianity to children is the anemia. We've given our children faith stripped of adventure. Karl's new book "Order of the Ancient" changes all that. Your kids will love the high adventure and colorful characters of Karl Bastian's universe. - Larry Shallenberger, Erie, PA

It's not often you come across a book that has excellent morals and an excellent storyline. Pastor Karl presents a believable, adventursome boy with whom kids (and adults!) can relate. Reading this book will not only entertain you, it will present you with truths that challenge you to view your life and relationship with God in a different light. Good luck putting it down! - Melissa Hunt, Centerville, OH

"Why?" It's the question that all kids ask, but for Brent, it leads to the most incredible answer possible. Your kids will find themselves swept away to a place in the not so distant future where God is forgotten by the mainstream populace. As they read this incredible story, they will find their faith challenged, strengthened, and anchored in a very powerful truth: God's Word is precious and powerful! Do yourself a favor and purchase several copies to hand out to all of your family and friends. What I want to know is when do we get to see the made for TV movie, comic books, action figures, t-shirts, Monopoly Games, and other cool spin-off stuff from this most excellent of children's literature. I can't wait for the sequel and maybe even a prequel. - Tony Waller, Jonesboro, AR

I loved this book! Spiritual lessons delicately interwoven with a fascinating story. Who is this Sovereign and what did he do to make people take such high risks in following him? It makes you wonder! I believe kids of all different backgrounds will love the story of Brent getting answers to (some of) his many questions. - Els Zuidweg, Amsterdam (NL)

I just finished. WOW! I thought it was great - you'll have to write a sequel!! My church group loved the book as well. How refreshing to have a group of kids so into a book of this nature. Thanks! - John and Cindy Martin, Virginia Beach, VA

For more info visit: www.orderoftheancient.com

Friday, November 04, 2005

Pastor Karl Challenges NFL Defensive Tackle!

We had Tommie Harris (Chicago Bears #91 Defensive Tackle) and Keith Belton (Bears #44) at our Awana Club last Tuesday evening. Both are believers and Tommie was our guest to share his testimony with the clubbers and to answer their varied and random questions about football and whatever else was on their mind. He did a great job and the kids really loved meeting and hearing from these cool dudes, who are a part of the FIRST PLACE CHICAGO BEARS right now. (Do I hear Super Bowl??)

Tommie talked about his faith, his good upbringing, and how he tries to live his faith in a sport that often confronts him with situations that are not Christian. He said that a lot of players say they are a Christian but the evidence is in how they actually live off the field. Of course, the kids wanted to know about injuries and he shared again about his thumb bone poking out of the skin much to the delight of the kids. :)

But I decided we needed to shake things up a bit, and save Tommie from the same questions being asked over and over, so I came up at the end, and asked if he had heard about one of the fastest growing sports in America? Speed Stacks? or the World Sport Stacking Association?

Tommie, hadn't, so I presented him with his own set of Orange Speed Stacks (plus instructional DVD) and taught him the basic cycle right there on the spot.

(to restart animation of cycle, simple reload the page)

Then I challenged him to a fun first match. I promised to stack the cycle three times while he tried to do it once. Obviously, he couldn't complete the cycle having just learned it, but he was a great sport and hammed it up for the kids.


The kids were all cheering for him and trying to give him advice and pointers as he playfully stacked. It was a lot of fun. At the end, he promised to be ready for me next year! GO TOMMIE! I accept the challenge!