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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Stupid Coke Reward

I usually consider myself immune from the power of advertising - enjoy the ad - but don't buy because of an ad. However, I have found the My Coke Rewards commercials fun and entertaining, so when I found a coke cap on the kitchen counter (most likely from Sara or a guest since I'm a Dew Man), I thought I'd give it a shot and see if that cap could indeed bring me a vacation or car or some fancy technological gadget I don't already have...

So I went to the website MyCokeRewards.com and set up an account. I even made a bogus alias email so I can prevent spam and delete if they abuse the email address. (most likely!) I sign up, and guess what - it says I won the SOUNDTRACK TO PIRATES: AT WORLD'S END! I'm thinking WOW, I won with my first soda cap - maybe I will actually buy a Coke sometime. (not sure I ever have, other than at McD's where you have no choice, I even tend to not eat where Coke is the only choice, I know, hard to do!)

On my way to World's End

Now, if you read my review of Pirates on Kidology.org then you know I was not happy with the film and wish they had just quit with one movie, or made the second one have a point - but I DO like the Pirates soundtrack almost more than Star Wars - (I know, amazing!), and probably do listen to it the most of all my playlists on my iPod.

Up is Down, Right is Left, Whatever!

All that to say - I like the Pirates music alot and was happy to be a first time winner of a Coke Reward. So I opted to turn in my lousy three points for the Soundtrack to Pirates, At World's End.

(isn't that how blogs were born? a place to complain?)

1) It was NOT the soundtrack to Pirates that I won, it was a "medley" of music from the movie.
2) The site says it only works with IE which it doesn't tell you until after you arrive at the page to use your "one time use" code.
3) Fortunately, the code still worked and I downloaded the tiny file, but then it says, not compatible on Mac or iPod. That is, AFTER, I chose to give up all my points for the soundtrack to a movie and after I download it, only then does it tell me the file is useless to me and I'll never get to hear it anyway.

So basically, they tell you that you are getting the soundtrack to a movie, you agree to spend all your points on it, and then they tell you, oh, its only a medley and you have to be on a PC to listen to it.

So I have my prize (oooooooooh!) but it is useless to me. So here it is to download for all my Coke Drinking, PC Usin' friends out there.

(since I can't) 3.5mb

UPDATE! Someone, who wishes to remain simply anonymous,
ripped the file and converted to an MP3 to share. I don't mind
sharing it because Coke LIED about what I was getting.
I'll take it off my site when they stop lying on their site about
what they are giving you as your "PRIZE." :-)
Here is the MP3 to Enjoy!

Enjoy, and post a comment and tell me if it worked and how you liked my prize. And you didn't even have to drink a dark syrupy tasteless drink to win!

Pirate Dad and Luke! Arrrrrrrrrg!

Shiver Me Diapers, Ahoy!

UPDATE! Someone, who wishes to remain simply anonymous,
ripped the file and converted to an MP3 to share. I don't mind
sharing it because Coke LIED about what I was getting.
I'll take it off my site when they stop lying on their site about
what they are giving you as your "PRIZE." :-)
Here is the MP3 to Enjoy!



At 7:20 AM, May 31, 2007, llyolf said...

as probably the 1st PC downloader to try to listen... I cannot listen to it... why? because it's DRMed and I ain't got the code.... so for your tooth decaying syrupy drink, you can't even share it... cause it's the law buster! :)

At 8:06 AM, May 31, 2007, Karl Bastian said...

here is the code i needed to download it, see if this works: Pkc6bHkP

it should be against the law to lie and say you won the sound track to a movie and show a picture of an entire CD case!

At 10:24 AM, May 31, 2007, llyolf said...

A hoy! soundtrack ho! it is pretty sweet music... to bad it's just a medley.... oh well...

At 4:19 PM, May 31, 2007, Chad said...

Karl, I play that too, but the melody is free actually so you still have your 3 points. No worries, talk to me about it, I can give it to you mp3 format.

At 12:04 PM, June 01, 2007, Karl Bastian said...

well, chad, they DID take my measy three points in exchange for the online robbery... but if you have the MP3, please email it to me asap! I'd love to hear my "prize"

At 9:44 AM, June 04, 2007, Allison said...

I tried to listen to it. It wouldn't work. I came to your comments. Tried the code. Then it said code all used up.

I'm starting to get annoyed and its not even my prize!!

At 12:33 PM, June 04, 2007, Tannerman said...

Personally, I felt that the soundtracks for Pirates 2 and 3 have lacked greatly when compared to Pirates 1.

As the first soundtrack was done by Klaus Badelt, a student of Hans Zimmer, I thought that the 2nd and 3rd versions would be so much better since Hans was doing them. But they were so reliant on tired musical schemes and electronically composed orchestras and the like -- very unoriginal... it felt like he was just going through the paces. I would have preferred more Klaus. But oh well... the soundtracks of the last 2 films reflected their quality as well.

At 1:26 PM, June 15, 2007, Noah LaPorte said...

Sorry about your coke reward. Also, your Pirates review was spot on. I agree with every word you said, it was a overall disappointment.

In Christ,


At 6:41 PM, June 16, 2007, Tyler said...

I thought Pirates was "okay" The one thing I really didn't like was all the "Colypso" stuff. You said in your review that, "Take what you can. Give nothing back!" was the way it was made but I the line, "Gentlemen, I wash my hands of this weirdness." was the way I felt about this movie. To weird.


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