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Saturday, January 28, 2006

CPC "Pastor Karl Awards" Continued....

The "PASTOR KARL AWARDS" Continue with with Day #2 and #3....


Shelly, a devoted fan and super encouraging Kidology member, (aka, "The Kidologist Stalker") brought me a DEW! NO WHERE in all of WDW can you buy anything made by Pepsi!

First she saved half of her last Dew for me, which I was rationing out in table spoons, and then she drove out of WDW to get me a whole six pack! That definately makes Shelly the cooest Kidology Member ever! While she may be one of the craziest and spaztic people I know, she is also an awesome children's pastor as I discovered when I did a Kidology To Go seminar at her church in October 2005. GO SHELLY!


If you go to Rob Biagi's booth, this is the banner above his booth. I wanted to see how accurate the cartoon of him is... what do you think??

I can barely tell them apart!


A littel game here: This total of $18.72 in the Coranado Spring restaurant was for what:

a) Three Cokes
b) A rip-eye steak and Coke
c) Hamburger, Fries and a Coke
d) Salad, fruit and a Coke.
e) Slice of bread and a Coke.
Answer at end of post.


Can you tell what all of these clocks have in common besides just looking the same?


I have run into Barbara almost every year at CPC. (one time literally!) Sometimes on the escalator, another time in the elevator, but it's nice to see someone committed to coming and being trained year after year. Just goes to show that you've never been reaching kids long enough to not need to keeping up with what is new and effective. Thanks, Barbara, for being a great example to us young (and not so young any more) cm punks.


The suction cup to the forehead pen holder given away by Kids Kount Publishing was definately the best booth give away. It was so nice to just have a pen sticking out of your forehead anytime you needed to sign up for something in a booth and sign a credit card slip. Just pull the pen out of the holder, sign, and return to your forehead. I am sure this is going to catch on!


Kids are always the highlight of ministry! I got to meet Ash, who is a big ToyBox Tales fan, and also signed his copy of the Order of the Ancient. GO ASH!


JoAnne Miller and Scott Turansky are the best! We will have them at our church on March 26th of their 'Parenting is HEART Work' seminar. They are the authors of the new book by the same name. I have rarely recommended a parenting book before because I have found them often to be focused on changing children’s behavior rather than focusing on the deeper issue of a child’s character development. I see lots of kids being ‘controlled’ but not molded. I had the opportunity to read an advance copy of their book and the following is the endorsement I wrote that is partially quoted in the introduction of the book.

This book could transform your approach to parenting. Many parents are focused on getting their children to behave – but miss the heart. In the end, they often raise kids who know how to ‘act’ but not how to ‘be.’ The book not only offers sound, biblical advice but is seasoned with helpful examples from children’s lives and practical suggestions on how to address specific issues that parents face. It is easy to read and understand and yet offers a profound challenge for parents to consider that their spiritual legacy perpetuates only because of children – and their hearts. Parents ought not underestimate the value of parenting to the heart. There is a lot more at stake in parenting than merely getting kids to behave. This book will equip you to raise kids whose obedience is an overflow of their love for God. –Pastor Karl Bastian, children’s pastor and founder of Kidology.org

FASTEST STACKER AT CPC: (and most other places too)

Nate is the current World Champion Sport Stacker! He won by completeing the cycle in 7.96 seconds! That is pretty amazing! My personal best score (not in tournament) is 10.32. (Nate's personal best is 7.79) The world record is 7.43 held by Emily Fox, BUT *** was recorded by hand before the current timing mats. So while that record is official, Nate stands a good chance at beating it one day! If you remember, I challenged Emily Fox to a Cup Duel and won! (read the whole story and watch the video) So it was only fitting that I now challenge Nate and add to my collection of videos of me beating world champs at their own game. (see what happened)

Well, that's it for the PASTOR KARL AWARDS! Heading back home Saturday!

ANSWER TO RIP OFF QUIZ: A! (Granted one was a plastic cup with mickey on it, but that's still the most I've ever paid for three Cokes!)



At 11:07 AM, January 28, 2006, Anonymous said...

. . . and the clocks?


At 2:26 PM, January 28, 2006, Pastor Todd said...

I thought you were going to beat him, until that deadly stumble. I would like to see a re-match.

At 3:45 PM, January 28, 2006, Allison said...

I'm going to guess that the clocks are all wrong!

At 6:13 PM, January 28, 2006, Anonymous said...

now i know! they're for the time in other Disney cities!


At 7:12 PM, January 28, 2006, Anonymous said...

What a great time we had! Sorry we missed Sara. Please say Hi to her for me! Hope the dew lasted till you got home! Shelly
p.s. the character thing of Rob is hysterical!!!! thanks for posting that!

At 7:28 PM, January 28, 2006, Anonymous said...

p.s. Spastic? Helllooooo... who is calling whom spastic? geesh! how about "unique" or "interesting.." or... "vivacious!"... btw.. for the blog readers out there.. I was not the one walking around with the pen stuck to my forehead! geesh! (hee)

At 8:10 PM, January 30, 2006, The wife said...

Shelly, you crack me up. Thanks for taking care of my sweetie by getting him his life-blood...DEW! I didn't know how he was going to survive without it (and oh yeah, without ME!) You are so funny! We love you!


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