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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2nd Annual Disneyland in the Rain Event!

Yes, it was back to Disneyland in the rain. (again) Last year we stayed a day after CPC to visit Disneyland and went in the pouring rain with some friends, so this year we decided to go a day before CPC.... but it poured again!

Klinkers, Tanners and Bastians... last year.... (since I wasn't bloggin' yet then)

This is 2006... Steve Tanner and my cousin Andy Blackwell joined us. Kinda looks like 2005 pic, huh? But, hey.... it's all about the memories.... even WET ones!

Here's "me and Andy"* - my best friend as a kid growin' up in southern California. "Snoop" of "Sneak n Snoop" in our secret detective agency we formed. (I was "Sneak")

Here's me with my best friend now... (she's cuter than Andy) and Andy never washed my socks or cooked for me. :) Sorry Andy, but I highly recommend a wife. :-D

Though I did catch her kissin' another man at Disneyland.... and a FROG at that!

Disneyland is celebrating it's 50th Birthday, and there was a lot of fun and cool stuff around the park, but rather than bore you with all that.... (go see for yourself).... I MUST say the fireworks show was the best I have ever seen, and was not only done to music, but themed for each ride it represented, even showering up pillars of fire for Pirates and a laser beam batter for Star Tours. Here are some pics I took.... enjoy!!

Tomorrow it is off to the Anaheim Children's Pastor's Conference. I hope to meet many of you there! be sure to drop by the eZone and say hello if you are at CPC!

* My parents, after years of correcting "me and Andy" to "Andy and I" finally gave it and said I was allowed to say "me and Andy" but not "me and (any other friend)" only Andy's name was permitted with bad grammer due to the sheer volume of times I refered to "me and Andy" on a daily basis!



At 7:58 AM, January 03, 2006, Mommymeepa said...

Hey at least you were at Disneyland. I was cleaning house and referring playdates. :-)

We did one day at Universal Studios in December in the rain. It was nice to walk on everything, but we were pretty miserable all day, so I know what you are talking about.

Have fun at CPC.


At 9:05 AM, January 03, 2006, Amy Tanner said...

Well, since I was at the 2004 Disneyland event (the only one not wearing a poncho in that picture....I broke down and wore one later when it started really downpouring), I can relate!! I was thinking of you all yesterday and hoping that you were having a fun time anyway. That fireworks show looked awesome! Didn't see that last year! :-( Thanks for sharing the pictures and have fun at CPC ;). Love, Amy Tanner

At 12:25 AM, January 04, 2006, Timothy said...

I missed Disneyland in the rain??? I was so looking forward to more rain. Alas, not only was the funding not available this year, but I ended up very ill this week on top of it. So know that I will be with ya'll in spirit and hope everyone has a great time at CPC.

At 9:54 PM, January 04, 2006, henryjz said...

Wish I was there with you guys... Oh well. Have fun!


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