Backyard Bible Blasts 2002

NOTE: Here's pics from Backyard Bible Blasts 2002.  Check out this page and get a great idea of what a Backyard Bible Blast looks like and how it works.  ENJOY!

In an effort to 'get outside the walls' and reach the kids of our community and neighborhoods, we invited families in our church to host a Backyard Bible Blast and invite the kids in their neighborhood over for 2-3 hours of fun, food, fellowship, and a message of God's Love.  What FUN it was!  Pictured below are some images from a few of the events.  At each event the majority of the kids had never heard the Gospel of God's love for them!  Our aim was to create a fun and memorable event that would plant a seed that could easily be watered in the future.  Please pray for the many kids who now know who Jesus is, and that He loves them very much!

If you missed out on hosting a Backyard Bible Blast - PLAN ON IT for next summer!

NOTE: Imagines are reduced for viewing here, but are actually larger files so that if you download the image from here, it will be larger when viewed on your hard drive.


For most events, we began in a circle and got to know each other a little bit.

Then, of course, we played some games. 

Here is Pastor Karl trying to catch a kid.... she got away.

Then it was time for GUS!

Gus did some raps for the kids, like: Kids in da Word, and his Yo, God! rap.

Then it was time to gather for the program.

  First was the interactive story, George and the Umbrella.  A silly story that illustrates that for the Bible to be useful, it must be opened!

Then, the highlight of the day for the kids... the Magic Show!  And of course, the star of the show was the kids!

Laughter was heard constantly!

But how exciting to know that along with the laughter, kids learning the serious message of  God's Love for them!


At the Varwig Backyard Bible Blast, Pastor Karl was warned to bring a super soaker!  
And it's a good thing he did!  He was outnumbered 72 to 1!

The kids didn't know that Pastor Karl is also known as the Waternator!

 It was a fierce and very wet battle, but in the end, the kids won.  

These were just highlights, 
Leonard Family | March Family | Varwig Family